Upholstery can collect dirt, allergies, and pollutants, which can wear down the fibers and dull the appearance. Upholstery cleaning from V and W Cleaning helps revitalize and restore your furniture for a cleaner, more appealing appearance. To get more information call (804) 315-8573. Upholstery is inspected for fiber type, physical flaws, color fastness, and stains. Following that, we utilize fabric-friendly cleaners to carefully remove as much grime as possible. Do cleaning services clean upholstery?

Upholstery Clean ServicesIf you require upholstery cleaning for your sectional, couch, ottoman, or other furniture items, we can help. We have professional personnel and equipment to handle any fabric, including leather and microfiber.


  • Our upholstery cleaning service begins with a thorough inspection of your upholstery by our professionals. To decide the best strategy, they will consider the fabric type, color, and age of the furniture.
  • They will then spot-treat any parts of your couches, chairs, beds, or other upholstered objects that appear to require special attention.
  • Deep cleaning follows spot treatment. Our upholstery cleaning equipment injects hot water and cleaning solution into the upholstery to remove filth from deep within the fabric.
  • The water is then extracted to remove the dirt.
  • Finally, they will evaluate your upholstery with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your upholstery.
  • Your upholstery will be dry in a matter of hours.


Professionals can restore the cleanliness of your organization’s upholstery, whether it’s couches, chairs, or even cubicle walls.

Our commercial upholstery cleaning technique is the same as our residential upholstery cleaning process. We inject hot water into your upholstery to loosen any dirt before extracting the water to eliminate the filth from deep within. You can also add any of the following services to keep your upholstery cleaner for longer: spot treatment, deodorizer, and protection.

V and W Cleaning are dedicated to providing a deeper clean through our furniture and upholstery cleaning services. We also deliver a healthier clean for your furniture owing to our innovative Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning procedure.

You can remove deep-seated stains, pet hair, and filth from furniture using our method — without using soapy detergents or harsh chemicals. Instead, we utilize natural, a certified cleaning chemical, and a cleaning procedure that uses a fraction of the water used for steam cleaning.

Upholstery & Furniture Types To Clean

Do you want to know if professionals can clean a certain piece of furniture? Some of the most frequent types of furniture and fabrics that they clean are listed below.

Furniture that we clean

They provide upholstery cleaning for almost any form of upholstered furniture! You read your favorite book on it, snooze after a long day at work on it, invite the kids’ friends over for a sleepover on it, and gather around it to watch that one show that everyone in the family enjoys. What exactly are we discussing? Your furniture, specifically the upholstery on your furniture. Regular upholstery cleaning is just as vital as regular carpet cleaning because you spend so much time on and around your furniture. That’s right: your couches, chairs, sectionals, ottomans, and anything else made of fabric, like your carpets, require a thorough cleaning.

Here are the top seven reasons why regular upholstery cleaning is essential:

1. Air Purification

When you sit, lie, plop, or move around on your upholstered furniture, you unwittingly release dust, filth, grime, mold spores, dead skin, and bacteria into your home’s air. Of course, dust, allergies, mold, mildew, or old stains on your upholstery can have a detrimental impact on the quality of the air in your home.

While effective air filters and house plants can help filter out allergens, removing them totally from the upholstery ensures they won’t be picked up by the filter in the first place. Furthermore, comprehensive allergy and dust removal are always ideal for a clean home with pure air. V and W  provide you with the best house keeping services.

2. Well-being

Did you know that allergens, dust mites, fleas, mold, and bacteria may all seep into the fibers of your upholstery and cause a variety of allergies and illnesses if left there for too long? Also, if you have somebody who is allergic to dust or mold, this will aggravate their condition. Maintaining regular upholstery cleaning decreases the prevalence of these irritants, which helps to keep your house and family healthy.

3. Odors

A lot of life happens on the family couch or sectional. You’ve had dozens of movie evenings, dozens of TV meals, fought off sicknesses and watched hundreds of TV series and cartoons. If you have a baby or a toddler, the couch can double as a changing table and a feeding station. Most families’ favorite area for homework or running an at-home company is the living room sofa, and you can bet it’s your pet’s favorite spot to wait for you to get home.

Clearly, a lot happens on your furniture, and sometimes the stink makes it all too clear. Furthermore, cooking odors from the kitchen have a habit of lingering on your upholstery, contributing to an unpleasant stench. Upholstery cleaning aids in the removal of scents by removing the source.

4. Extended Life of Your Furniture

Your furniture is an investment, and it is typically a costly one. Cleaning your furniture on a regular basis can extend the life of your investment, whether it’s due to normal wear and tear or spilled milk, body oil, and grease.

5. Physical appearance

You know those stains on couches that you’ve tried to hide with a blanket or cushion but still feel uncomfortable when company comes over? We all do, of course!

We use our furniture on a regular basis, whether it’s from children and animals or simply from age and typical wear and tear. And, no matter how clean your house and carpets are, if the upholstery on your furniture appears unclean and muddy, the rest of the house will not feel clean. The simple solution is to have your carpet cleaning specialist clean your upholstery as well as your carpets.

6. Your home was harmed by water or smoke.

Accidents occur and are sometimes beyond our control. Water or smoke damage can result from a roof leak or a little stove fire. Your furniture’s upholstery sustains some of the damage. While you may be tempted to simply replace the furniture, you would be astonished at what a professional upholstery cleaning can do. Our professionals are trained and ready to assist you in cleaning up the water/smoke damage to your home and furniture.

7. Longevity

Do you know how your furniture upholstery may have that faded, thinned look? This is produced by dust and debris, which act like sandpaper grinding on the cloth. Regular upholstery cleaning reduces dust and enhances upholstery durability, ensuring that your furniture lasts a long time.

V and W Cleaning Can Be Trusted To Handle Your Upholstery With Care

When we arrive to clean the upholstery, one of the first things we do is inspect the upholstery for any concerns. These are some examples:

  • Cushion sagging
  • Texture deterioration
  • Fading of colors
  • Dye bleeds

At V and W Cleaning, we meticulously clean your upholstery using the hot water extraction procedure, which helps it appear like new and last longer. As always, we recommend applying Scotchgard after each cleaning to help prevent any spills or stains. Learn more about Do cleaning services do laundry. Make an appointment with us today to schedule your cleaning. V and W provide the best deep cleaning services. You can call us at (804) 315-8573.














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