V and W Commercial Cleaning Services help Richmond businesses maintain safety, health, and cleanliness. Our local cleaning experts use decades of combined knowledge and V and W’s proven cleaning methods to give the best service possible. We are here to help you find out Do Commercial Cleaning Services Clean Tile and Grout. Contact our cleaning company at (804) 315-8573 for more assistance with cleaning and other services offered by us!

Explanation of Tile and Grout CleaningDo Commercial Cleaning Services Clean Tile and Grout?

Professional office cleaning services consistently work in methods that are convenient for you, so that your business is not disrupted. Professional commercial cleaners can quickly and efficiently clean hard surfaces, floors, and walls. Expert cleaning increases the life of your tile, saving you money. Clean surroundings help welcome guests, make a positive first impression, and protect personnel.

Tile and Grout Preparation Instructions

Unless you’ve made special arrangements with your cleaning service, you’ll need to do a few things to prepare for your tile and grout cleaning before they arrive. Step one is to remove all of the furniture from the tiled floor using felt pads or other non-damaging ways. Remove any fragile breakables from the cleaning space’s counters, built-ins, or bookcases. You must also remove any rugs, mats, plants, trash cans, or other items from the floor surface. Finally, if it is not included in your cleaning contract, sweep or vacuum the floors.

What to Expect on the Day of Tile and Grout Cleaning

Your skilled tile cleaning will begin with a comprehensive evaluation. They’ll highlight damaged tile or grout and heavily filthy locations so they may be repaired. During this inspection, the cleaning service will be able to select the best cleaning approach for your tile and grout. They should next describe the execution plan and address any questions or concerns you may have.


The cleaning crew will then use a cutting-edge cleaning solution to pre-treat spots, stains, and extremely soiled areas. Commercial cleaners use high-pressure truck-mounted cleaning and extraction equipment, cleaning solutions, and instruments to remove dirt, ground-in stains, and discoloration from tile and grout. Clean water is extracted after cleaning. Walls, baseboards, and corners are protected. Cleaning tiles dry them.


Finally, if you desire it, the cleaning crew will cover any grout lines with a clear seal solution to encourage even color, keep cleanliness, waterproof the flooring, and prevent damage. Following your cleaning, the staff should confirm that you are satisfied with the tile and grout cleaning.

Make a Good First Impression and Maintain a Healthy Environment

Our cleaning staff aims to become an extension of your business by eradicating dust, filth, bacteria, and other pollutants.

We offer janitorial services for any size property or industry-specific cleaning needs for your organization.

From the ground to the ceiling and all in between, we provide:

Cleaning of Warehouses

  • Window cleaning, office cleaning, and disinfection cleaning
  • Clean-up after construction/remodeling
  • Cleaning of Tiles and Grout
  • Cleaning Services on a Project Basis


Don’t allow your property’s cleaning to go behind – our team is ready to examine your needs and develop a personalized strategy to relieve the stress of handling it on your own.

Tile and Grout Post-Cleaning InstructionsDo Commercial Cleaning Services Clean Tile and Grout?

You must wait at least 30 minutes before stepping on the freshly cleaned tile and grout. If you’ve added sealant to your tile and grout cleaning project, you’ll need to wait 24 hours for it to cure. This means that no liquid should come into contact with the tile surface. You can return the furniture and rugs to your floors after 24 hours.

Time to Clean the Tiles and Grout

The time needed to clean your tile and grout depends on the amount of soil, the size of your tiles, and the layout of your business. Call on experts at V and W Cleaning Services at (804) 315-8573 for great tile and grout cleaning services as well as floor waxing services. What’s Included In A Commercial Cleaning Appointment? See our company website to find out today!

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