Forming a cleaning business is fun. Growth and expansion are limitless. You must know How Cleaning Services Charge for house cleaning to be a successful enterprise. Creating a cleaning pricing guide isn’t difficult. Consider these things to create the greatest maid service Richmond VA price guide for your business and customers. The following pricing guide answers all your queries.


US state-by-state cleaning rates differ. The national average house cleaning rate per hour is $25 to $90. Some businesses charge more per hour based on location.

This information shows what others in your industry earn. We’ve broken down the broad picture to help you price your cleaning services.

Calculating House Cleaning Rates

House cleaning services can be billed in several ways. It is important to choose the correct method. Cleaning companies employ four ways. Square footage, per room, per hour, or fixed charge.

Square Footage Calculation

Homes and buildings’ square footage is measured. This pricing approach requires a per-square-foot charge. Example: $0.10 per 

How Cleaning Services Charge

square foot. Multiply 10 cents by 2,000 for a 2,000-square-foot home. 2,000 square feet costs $200.


This strategy needs to price each room individually based on cleaning time. Kitchens are messier than bathrooms. If you charge $100 for the kitchen and $50 for the bathroom, that’s $75 per room.


The national average per-hour house cleaning rate is $25 to $50. Your fee should reflect your location and what similar businesses charge.


Don’t underprice to obtain more clients. Base your pricing on your costs and leave room for a profit. While an hourly rate is flexible, your profit may decrease as you gain experience and clean faster.


Flat fees are set prices for a service. House cleaning costs $100 per week. Flat fees imply you make the same amount of money no matter how fast or big the project is. Flat-rate pricing solves issues with hourly rates. Clients pay for problem-solving, not time. It eliminates client conflicts and price matching.

How do I price house cleaning?

Cleaning service pricing isn’t decided in one afternoon. Setting cleaning charges involves numerous aspects.

  • Location

Location is essential. Cost of living affects rates. San Francisco and New York City have greater living costs. Rural areas have reduced living costs.

The area boosts demand! Some places have more people looking for house cleaning services. Pricing should reflect local demand.

  • Experience

New cleaners shouldn’t charge more than experienced ones. Your experience will lack references. You can charge more as you gain experience. This essay discusses selling yourself as you get experience.

  • Frequency

Because house cleaning takes time, frequency affects prices. Frequent cleaning saves time. First cleanings take longer than subsequent ones.

  • Dimensions

Larger homes take longer to clean. Consider raising a flat rate for a large residence.

  • Home State

Some house cleaners request a walk-through before quoting. A walk-through reveals a home’s condition. Homes that need more cleaning should pay more.

  • Type

Your fee depends on the type of cleaning you do. Cleaning businesses offer cleaning packages. Cleaning service bundles include:

  • Cleanliness
  • Purge
  • Cleaning events
  • Cleanout
  • Clients may occasionally demand window cleaning, bed linen changes, or laundry. Extras should be included.

How Much Should You Charge?

Don’t undersell your services when pricing them. Bills aren’t enough. Profit and corporate growth are key. Here’s a sample house cleaning rate calculation.

How much should I charge to clean a house if it is 1,000 square feet and takes 1.5 hours to clean?

  • Commence with an approximate hourly rate. If you decide to charge $30 an hour, multiply the time it takes you to clean the house by your hourly rate.



  • Following that, you must include FICA and any state taxes. For our example, we’re going to use 18%.




  • $53.10 is now your hourly rate. Now, you will need to add the cost of supplies. Say supplies are 6% of your business costs.




It’s important to add up all of your costs. Overhead costs are employee-related but not job-related costs. These include travel fees, marketing, and website upkeep. These expenses equal 50% of your hourly pay.




The last step is to add your markup. Markup is profit. Say you want to make a 20% profit. Here’s how the numbers would look. You can adjust your markup based on the client and the needs of the task.

How Cleaning Services Charge



  • Round up to $102 each hour. If you charge $102 per hour, you’ll make $16.89 per hour.

Additional costs

Like in any business, some things can make your prices go up or down. Let’s look at some cleaning industry price variables.


Cleaning products can be expensive. You may require various products for eco-friendly clients. Organic and eco-friendly products are expensive.


Second, services like cleaning dishes or changing sheets can affect prices. If a client provides materials, your rate must be modified.

Ask inquiries and tour the home. You’ll know what services the client wants and how long cleaning their home will take.


Entrepreneurs often struggle to price their services. The foregoing criteria make determining cleaning rates difficult. Consider frequency, location, and demand. House cleaning business owners must also consider their experience and home size. Don’t undersell yourself!


Your courage in beginning a business is admired. You should now know how to price your services fairly and develop a profitable business, and the Cleaning Services When Moving. What should you charge for house cleaning? For more house cleaning Richmond VA services and info contact us at (804)315-9573

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