What about your house cleaners? You tip your baristas, waitresses, and hairdressers. How much Do You Tip House Cleaning Services, if at all?


Let’s look at tipping’s history to get a better understanding of when it’s okay and when not to.

Do You Tip House Cleaning Services?

Since the 18th century, it has been customary to tip for services including restaurant cleaning services Richmond VA cleaners. There are many different services and reasons why people tip. Some people tip to demonstrate their wealth or out of obligation, while others tip to express sincere thanks or charity. While giving tips is customary in some service sectors, such as restaurants and salons, tipping in other sectors frequently depends on individual preferences.


Although it is not customary, tipping housekeepers employed by reputable house cleaning services has its uses. Professional house cleaners, for instance, are salaried workers of a household cleaning business and do not request additional tips from clients, although they do value their consideration.

How Much Should You Tip a House Cleaner?

The typical tip percentage for housekeeping services is 15 to 20 percent, which is comparable to the typical tip percentage for the restaurant and other service sectors. If you frequently employ a house cleaning service, whether or not you tip during the year, giving them a cash bonus or gift at the end of the year is a lovely way to say “Thank you.”


Still unsure of the proper gratuity for house cleaners? Ask what would be appropriate when you call your service provider. You may also ask your friends and neighbors if they hire cleaners, or you could just trust your gut. Always include a heartfelt letter of gratitude with your tip, regardless of the amount you decide to leave.


It’s acceptable to leave a $10–$15 tip to be split among the cleaners if your house cleaning business employs a cleaning team. You might wish to tip once a month if the same cleaning crew comes to your house every week. Continually tip your house cleaners even if they come every week.

Do You Always Leave a Cleaning Service a Tip?

Why not, if your cleaning crew consistently performs well and you’ve been utilizing a weekly maid service for some time? If it just isn’t budgeted for, that’s one thing. But you might want to do it if you want to express your gratitude for someone who makes your life better by making your house a nicer place to live! Because you’re still using their services, it’s safe to assume that you’re pleased with their job, thus tipping them is a nice way to express your appreciation.

Do You Give Housekeepers a Tip After a Special Deep Clean?


A one-time deep clean is more thorough than a regular maid service. A comprehensive deep cleaning requires a lot of muscle, heavy lifting, and bending. Your house cleaners put a lot of effort into making you happy, from gleaming appliances and polishing floors to cleaning bathrooms and getting rid of dust and filth.

Do You Tip House Cleaning Services?


For a few reasons, you might think twice about leaving a double tip for special occasions or routine cleanings. First off, since it’s a one-time cleaning, you won’t need to do it frequently. Second, one of life’s greatest pleasures is to go through your house and breathe in the clean, fresh air!

It’s best to include tips from customers in your form of payment. Most workplaces have a policy of combining all financial presents for the holidays and distributing them evenly. You are under no need to tip housekeepers, and doing so is not requested nor required.


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