Many people are wondering What Are Commercial Cleaning Services considered?  Typically, a person or organization that offers cleaning services to establishments including office cleaning Richmond VA services, stores, factories, bars, and restaurants is referred to as a “commercial cleaner” in general. Some commercial cleaning companies provide domestic cleaning. The cleaning services provided will vary, but the majority of commercial cleaners will have the tools and personnel to handle anything from dusting desks and emptying trash cans to cleaning windows and commercial carpets.

5 Factors in Favor of Hiring A Commercial CleanerWhat Are Commercial Cleaning Services?

(1) Time

It is unlikely that you will have time to add cleaning to your list of responsibilities if you run a busy firm. Your workers will be hired for a certain reason, therefore it’s possible that they won’t see cleaning as part of their job description. Additionally, having your personnel spend their time performing their jobs professionally may be more profitable and productive. A commercial cleaner will fulfill all the chores under their contract when hired. Cleaning happens whether you’re busy or not.

(2) Cleaning Tools

Most companies simply have a sweeping brush, some dusters, and polish, but a cleaning company will arrive prepared. Depending on your property and contract, this may include commercial carpet cleaners, water-fed poles, and floor polishers.

(3) Coverage

A reputable commercial cleaning business will have insurance that covers the usage of their tools and their work on your property. Are employees who operate machinery covered by insurance?

(4) Dependability

Since commercial cleaning firms employ many competent cleaners, they can fulfill your cleaning contract even during holidays and staff illness. If your team is short-staffed or busy around the holidays, this work may be put last.

(5) The cleanliness of commercial spaces

There are several benefits to keeping your workplace tidy. If you own a customer-facing business, you must always keep it tidy and odor-free to attract repeat business. Furthermore, a clean workplace is necessary for your personnel. If they are well taken care of and work in a neat environment, they are not only likely to work more but also less likely to miss work due to illness.

Services for Commercial Cleaning


Before deciding on a price, a reputable commercial cleaning company will want to visit your location to discuss your needs and assess the scope of the cleaning. They will then create a unique contract just for your company. Consider everything you want the cleaner to accomplish before hiring them. Some firms may ask for weekly window and floor cleaning and handle everything else themselves.


  • Clean windows (inside and outside)
  • Clear all the floors
  • Take out trash from the desk bins.
  • Wipe down all reception areas and workstations.
  • Tidy up the bathrooms and restock the toilet paper and towels.


  • Clean microwave and refrigerator

Every 6 Months

  • Cleaning all carpets is necessary.


Most commercial cleaning companies also offer end-of-tenancy cleaning, thorough cleaning, graffiti removal, and gutter cleaning.

V & W CleaningWhat Are Commercial Cleaning Services?

All of the cleaners at V and W Cleaning have experience and have had their backgrounds checked thoroughly. We strive to use the same cleaning staff every week so they can learn your preferences and you can get to know them. Additionally, we’ll give you a management agreement that you can use whenever you like.


To schedule a commercial cleaning services Richmond appointment at your Richmond VA location, please call (804)315-9573 now. If unsure about pricing info visit our website and read about How Cleaning Services Charge for cleaning.

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