Merry Maid Deep Cleaning Cost

V and W Cleaning Service provide the best merry maid at a reasonable cost. If you need a housekeeper at the best hourly rates call (804) 315-9573. 

The cost of Merry Maids services varies significantly depending on the size of your home, your geographic area, and the items you wish to have cleaned. However, there are a few rules of thumb and averages that might help you estimate the cost. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is the Price of Merry Maids

Expect to pay $250 or more for one-time deep cleaning of your home. This is the standard beginning price for Merry Maids to come to your home and perform a thorough cleaning. Bear in mind that there are additional services available at varying rates. What does the merry maid deep cleaning cost?

The Cost of Merry Maids Varies According to Service

Merry Maids may assist you in being organized, maintaining a clean home, or even relocating. You can call v and w cleaning and get the services of a Richmond house cleaner. They’ll offer you an estimate of how much you’ll spend, explain the cleaning chemicals they use, and explain how each dollar is spent. Each service is unique, and the size of your home has a significant impact on the overall amount you spend.

Options for Cleaning Frequency

In general, you can have a merry maid clean your place as frequently as you like. The cleaning schedule you select is a factor in determining cost.

Extensive Cleaning

Heavy or deep cleaning is often a one-time task that requires the participation of two or more workers, depending on the size of your property. The beginning pricing for this job is $250, however, the final price will vary significantly depending on the items that need cleaning and the square footage of your home. As a result, they might be completed in an hour. While $250 per hour may seem excessive, when divided among all members of the cleaning crew, the cost is not as exorbitant as it appears.

Cleaning Twice a Week

You have the option of having the cleaner, or cleaners, visit every other week. This is a $100 beginning price.

Cleaning on a Monthly Basis

Not everyone wants a housekeeper that visits weekly or biweekly. V and W Cleaning Service company offers a monthly cleaning service for an average rate. Again, the best approach to receive an actual idea of how much you’ll pay is to locate and contact the v and w cleaning service in your town.

Additional Services

V and W Cleaning Services also provide additional services to help you customize your request. It is available to assist you in sanitizing high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs and toilet seats.

  • Cleaning for the Holidays. This service prepares your home for entertaining visitors by cleaning bathrooms and clearing out windows to display holiday décor.
  • Housekeeping. If you’re pressed for time or dislike cleaning, merry maids can look after your home while you’re away.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning. You have the option of purchasing solely ecologically friendly products.
  • Services for Move-In/Move-Out. Deep cleaning to guarantee your home is safe for you to move into or up to the landlord’s standards when you vacate.
  • Cleaning Services for Specialty. Whether you require post-construction cleaning, wall washing, or property rental cleaning, merry maids can tailor a plan to your specific needs.
  • Services to Organizations. Cleaning, organization, and decluttering are all included in this service.
    The price is negotiable.

Each service has a different beginning price, but if you require anything more specialized than a cleaning service, or a mix of services, they will create a package for you. Pricing will vary depending on the size of the room, whether you have pets, the amount of work needed, and other considerations. The most accurate approach to determine specific pricing is to visit their website, locate your local merry maids, and request an estimate. Or contact at V and W Cleaning Services.

Why Are Merry Maids So Expensive?

If you believe the price is excessive, the truth is that you are actually getting a better deal when compared to many other services and companies. Several distinguishing characteristics set this business apart from its competition.

Numerous Years of Experience

One of the best aspects of this business is its longevity. They have over 40 years of experience, which has aided in their company’s growth and expansion. This business has had time to improve their operations and guarantee that the prices they charge are reasonable for the services they deliver.


V and W Cleaning employ only the most qualified house, cleaning workers. These cleaners receive expert training, ensuring that you receive the same level of care from each and every cleaner. On their website, they outline their cleaning technique for each type of space.

Consider the following:

Each service does not have predetermined pricing, and what you pay will primarily depend on what you’re looking for. Consider the following factors while determining merry maids’ pricing.

  • Dimensions of the house
  • Services de nettoyage
  • State and geographical location
  • One or two housekeepers
  • Requests that are unique


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